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2014 - Film Diary 
Labor Day | Jason Reitman | US | 2013 | 4.5
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omg. ahahah gingers!
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My pic (taken on Cat Street in Harajuku). Yay. Cropped & no credit. Boo. :-)
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Ask me anything.

I was wondering if you happened to read/see Joe Jonas's essay for New York Magazine. A shorter version can be found on E!'s website if you're interested. But basically Joe talks about the things we don't see that go on behind the scenes at Disney and explained the pressures that were put on him and his brothers. Many things he talked about were shocking and I was wondering if you agreed with him or had any thoughts of your own on the subject


I read the article and I have a couple things to say. Most formally the idea that Disney and the corporations “gentrified them.”

First, I think it’s bullshit that they were being robbed of choice or creativity. If they wanted too, they could have told Disney “NO”. Cole and I did this hundreds of times and we ended up all right. The only reason they didn’t is because, like many of the people on that channel, I think they fell for the allure of fame. Granted, Cole and I had been acting our entire lives, so we saw it as a means to an end (money making) rather than an opportunity to become successful.

Nowadays artists just assume they have to do what they are told by their proprietors because there is a “rigid structure to achievement”. It is nothing more than a scheme to rob you of your individuality and capitalise the gain they acquire from such treachery. If you believe this, not only are you incredibly foolish, but you are a BAD ARTIST. Individuality is modernity’s most interesting trait regarding artwork and so so many talented individuals realize this. You do not have to become something else to be successful. Not only is it not too late for them to redefine themselves now, it was never too late.

What that article felt like was: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, still shame on you.”

My personal creed? “Fool me once, you’ll forever regret that decision.”


I actually love Dylan’s wisdom and word choice.

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Spinning Yin Yang